Friday, September 26, 2014

Horror Haute Presents...Death Becomes

The Horror Haute Presents...

Death Becomes: a token for prize event for the entire month of October! This event will be for Horror Haute Group members only.

Not a member? No problem! Group membership will remain open, so don't fret. Simply click on the nearest participating Horror Haute merchant or type in "Horror Haute" into search - groups and join.

How does the event work? Quite simple actually. To receive the gift items, the customer must do two things. First, they must be wearing their group tag to receive any of the gifts. Secondly, the shopper must have bought the item from the specific store they wish to receive the gift from and wear the token from the sale item.

Each participating creator will have the option of placing 1-3 items for sale 100L or under. Shoppers only need to buy ONE item, however if you happen to dig all items at the special price..a big win for you! Remember, shoppers need to purchase the sale item to receive the token and use the token from the same merchant to receive that prize from the same merchant.
Example: Purchase sale item from Dracula, redeem token to receive prize from Dracula. Easy, huh?

What if you dig Frankenstein's prize too? Shoppers need to purchase the sale item from Frankenstein to get Frankie's prize.

Horror Haute has 30 participating merchants. THIRTY incredible designers offering special sale and a prize to boot!

All prizes will be posted on

Where do I go to redeem tokens? Grab a broom and follow here --->

The event will run from October 1 until October 31.


Shoppers MUST redeem their tokens before the end of the event. We will tear down the prize location on November 1st.

Happy Shopping!