Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Horror Haute, October's round.

October's Horror Haute round, and what a round! Many awesome designers in the list, that represent the macabre side of Second Life style.
You can find items at creators main stores, for prices like 50L, 100L or 200L. What a bargain, uh?
Sale will go on from today, October the 25 th till the 31 st.

Howling Creations' item is a really spooky and nice witch cottage. For sale, 100L.

REPULSE item, by Max Lexigle, is a bloody tattoo on the chest, with a stake in it. You can find it at the main store for 100L.

This is AD CREATIONS item, by Aliza Karu. It's a rich, huge package, which includes : skin + eyes + mouth straawberry + a nail to put on your eye + sculpt corset with alpha layer + pants + many body bandaids. Everything only 200L!

.:CoLLisions:. 's item is a jewelry set, including earrings and necklace. Everything for 100L. Created by Guenevere DeCuir

DAARK 's item is not out yet, but it will be soon. Created by Daark Gothly ;)

:: DEAD DESIGNS :: created a creepy Halloween themed item, with body parts floating in the dark water. 100L, by VladDrac Munster

[Eat Paste] by Jacinda Bravin, has a skin, available in 6 shades, all will be discounted to 50L each skin for the duration of the event, and 200L for the fat pack, wow!

Gone batty, mini top hat, by -=FORSAKEN=- of Vincentvile Desantis. 50L for this nice goth top hat.

Oh yeah, and i'm in with my store, ~.:.Hysteria.:.~. I made some sculpts fingernails with spikes on them. I love spikes so much i would put them everywhere, LOL. They come in 3 different colours : black, bloody red and black/pumpkin. 50L

[RockShop], by Trilly Sands, presents us, the Happy Mummy, such a nice Halloween themed avatar, 200L.

And this is {W&R} item, by Almarea Firehawk, a sculpt tongue, with a razorblade on it. 50L.

What to say? It's a bargain! Enjoy the pre Halloween shopping!