Monday, November 21, 2011

Horror Haute, November's round.

And another round of the Horror Haute started yesterday, November the 20th and will go on until the 30th. We decided to make it last a little bit more, because of the Thanksgiving holidays, so that you can enjoy your macabre shopping while your fangs are into turkey's meat.

First stop, .:CoLLisions:., with an awesome necklace, called "Silver bullet". You can find it at the main store for 50L.
And talking about turkey, here it is what :: DEAD DESIGNS :: offers you, a yummy zombie turkey. 50L at the main store.

Ouch, that hurts for sure! Death Inc. is in the event with a "Black eye" tattoo. 50L.

[Eat Paste] has a great skin for you, 50L only and definitely worth it.

And talking about yummy things, mmm, maggots! ::Eternal Darkness:: offers you a tongue with maggots on it. 50L.

What to say about the fantastic "Heartless" creation by ::{Favole}::? Tattoo + skeleton hands holding a black heart. 50L and it will be yours.

This is what i made. "Hurted", because yeah, spikes through upper legs wouldn't be so nice to have poking out your skin. ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ 's item, 50L.

Because dollies are only the evil kind here at Horror Haute, this is what @->~ InSpired Designs ~<-@ made. 50L.
A complete outfit, don't you love it already? That's what Les sucreries de Fairy made. 100L.

Lolapop! item is a whole se, the "Corvus cameo set", including earrings, necklace and hat. 100L.

Love Zombie? Yes, we love zombies and the "Dead hands" made by that store. Different colours, 50L each one.

REPULSE item is not out yet, but it will be soon, don't worry.

{W&R} presents "Life after you", a face tattoo. 50L.

Those are the awesome items for this month, and if you won't get any *shakes head* you will be eaten by a giant, angry and hungry turkey!