Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Horror Haute

  .:W&W:. Mea Culpa - Piercing Set
Includes eyebrow piercing, nose piercing and mouth piercing.
 Lionheart Rafiki (44,112,29)
 Inspired Designs: Heart On My Sleeve Armbands 
Includes blood tattoo layer, two armbands with heart and two armbands without a heart.
 Koala dAlliez (63,132,22)

 [Mystic Canvass]: Emma Skin
Includes skin, lashes, tattoo layer and blindfold.
Canada Rocks (97,220,22)
 Favole: Edged
Includes mesh dress and alpha layer.
Netherfield (102,225,77)
 Lamp*Light: Rejected Chocolate
Includes bra and pantie tattoo layer, chocolate candy attachment and props.
Schear (122,30,85)
 Blue Blood: Snowblood
Includes blood soaked top, panties and skirt.
Includes male and female fitting for chains and chainsaws.

  Les sucreries de: Weird Doll Outfit
Includes shirt, pants, stockings, gloves, arm and leg attachments, boots, necklace, dollie, backpack, necklace and hat.
Sunfield (128,64,2)

 {W&R}: Blood Bath
Includes full boddy tattoo layer and pose
Artina (32,32,2)

 ImmateriA: Vas Sanct Lor
Includes gargoyle inspired gas mask with a breather script and resizer.

 Hysteria: Anatomy of a Killer Tattoo
Includes six layers.
 Lionheart Rafiki (76,87,29)

 [Eat Paste]: Peenk Skin (Milky Tone)
Epic Sanctuary (124,206,297)

~{Gothica}~: Wild Goth
Outfit includes top, panties and skirt along with three colors, pink, lime and blue.
Eunpyung (224,31,57)

The Little Bat: Lilah Morte Skin in Ruby
Obayifo (160,80,2)

CoLLisions: Cast No Shadow Tattoo
Includes six layers.
Dark Tranquility (127,210,24)

Love Zombie: Suicide
Includes tank top.

 HOD: Mess of Metal Prt. 2 Set
Inlcudes spine and tailbone piercings, 8 sets of metals, and tattoo layer created by Nuuna.
 Dark Tranquility (181,130,901)

Horror Haute begins February 23 through February 29th.