Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Horror Haute, December's round

And so this is Xmas, and what have you done? Well, we've made a lot of awesome items, to celebrate Xmas from...Another point of view.
The 1 week sales event, from December the 21st till the 31st. This round it will be longer, because of Xmas holidays.
Items for sale for special prices : 50L, 100L or 200L. 

And you think it doesn't hurt, right? Want to try? This is the "painful" item created by Robert0 Siemens of Death Inc. and it can be yours for 100L.

He looks at you with angry eyes, devilish grin and and holding a sickle. I think that there're no good intentions coming from that snow man, uhm. If  you dare to buy it, it's at Demon Designs. 100L and he will come home with you. Created by Lillith Reanimator.

Usually people like snow flakes and ribbons, but we don't. It's skulls time at Hooligan Streetwear, 2 colours included in the same package : white if you feel in a good mood, black if you are in the "Grinch" one. By Colorful Sinister. 50L 

And this is what i made. Spikes again? Oh yeah, because what world would be without spikes? A pinkish one, let me tell you. No fashion, hell no, you can even notice middle fingers covered, and it's not just a case...Gloves in 2 versions, bloody and normal + bloody spikes. Born from ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ 's twisted creator's mind, which is me, Electra Shadowcry. 50L

Blood Moon Elf Ears, a work of really fine decoration, for Xmas no conventional elves. Created by Stacey Farspire, owner and creator of @->~ InSpired Designs ~<-@ 100L

This is what Lolapop! proposes to the Horror Haute addicted, an awesome cameo necklace, which Lola79 Hienrichs provided to make in a really spectacular way. 50L

Be careful when it pops out that box, you could get so scared to faint. Blame the creator, Absinthe Mirabella. Misfit Toys is the place where you have to look to grab the spiteful xmas skull jester. 200L

Last in order, just for that, because of the alphabet, but not for important or awesomeness, ~*~Souzou Eien~*~ 's item, created by Draconias Timeless. This is the black version, but you can find it in other 4 colours, which are : green, purple, red and blue. In each colour package you will find 4 versions. 50L each colour package.

This was the list, awesome, uh? Don't you feel already like Horror Haute Santa is already there to bring you goodies?

Enjoy! Ho - Ho *coughs*