Monday, April 23, 2012

April's Closet of Horror

Blue Blood: Dora Corset, a special edition color. 

Welcome to the April installment of Horror Haute, this month the sale will begin April 24th and will end on April 30th. Seven days of blood curdling, hair raising, screaming days of shopping! Remember our creepy little horror enthusiasts, if you need a ride to a location simply click on the store name provided to the side.

 ImmateriA: Proserpine Gown {includes skirt, top with corset, wings, tail, sculpted collar, sleeves and fog attachment}.

 Hysteria: Latex Rain, a face tattoo.

 Lamp Light: Lady Shadow, a full avatar.

 Lamp Light: Lord Shadow, full avatar.

 Lamp Light: Loretta for Lady Shadow

 [MC]: Stryka Hair

 S.D: Cecaelia Eyes

 {W&R}: Dark Bunny Mesh Dress

 Gothica: BlackPepper Dress

 Demon Designs: Huntress Necklace

 [Eat Paste]: Hunger Skin

 Hooligan Streetwear: Last Rights Boots

Del's Odd Shop: Little Haunted Shack, includes haunted bed and bookcase.