Friday, May 25, 2012

H is for Horror - May's Horror Haute

Goth 1c0: B is for Brains Dress

A is for Army of Darkness
B is for BRAINS...Brains is the new release for Horror Haute from Goth1c0 that is.

Welcome to the May installment of Horror Haute, this month the sale will begin May 25th and will end on May 31th. Seven days of blood curdling, hair raising, screaming days of shopping! Remember our creepy little horror enthusiasts, if you need a ride to a location simply click on the store name provided to the side.

CoLLisions: The Weaver Earrings
 C is for Cryptic...CoLLisions cryptic with a pair of earrings.

Hysteria: Because the Night Face Tattoo
 D is for the Damned because the night...Hysteria bringing on the night!

A Netherworld: My Mortality Dress
E is for Evil, the evil things found in A Netherworld. 

Belle Morte: Dolly Disastre Skin
 F is for the ravenous Freak of nature in a disastrous dolly skin.

Repulse: Back Cables
 G is for Ghastly Gadgets, part of the assimilation.

Distorted Dreams: Bloody Sweater Dress
 H is for Horror and the bloody mess it can leave behind.

ImmateriA: Death of Ixion Set
 I is for Insidious and the darkness that it brings.

Les sucreries de Fairy: Macabre Balloon
 J is for the Jabber, creeping around with sharp objects and watch them go BOOM.

Love Zombie: Sinful Lips Trio
 K is for Killer..the taste of sin on your lips.

Inspired Designs: Tribal Thorn Rose Tattoo
L is for Lunacy, that tangles like thorns...

Enjoy this months week-long shopping blood spree!