Monday, February 3, 2014

Blogger Spotlight: Ryuu Amaterasu

I wanted to get a little into behind the scenes of what goes on in Horror Haute and shine some light on to the unique talent we have in our group. One of those being our bloggers Ryuu Amaterasu, a very talented, polite and diligent person (also super eye candy right?). So I had him write a little about himself to share with the Horror Haute legion!

About Me:
Ryuu Amaterasu, owner of Crushed Violets

I joined Second Life in 2008.  I started out working in a flower shop in the roleplay sim I was part of.  My very first inklings that I wanted to learn to build was at that little flower shop where I began building flowers in pots in the most primitive fashion... (single alpha prim) in a little pot.  But of course I had the fever and I continued to try to improve from there.  This will be my sixth year in Second Life.

I opened my shop, Crushed Violets in 2010 and have been making Gothic accessories and home decor items since then.  I have had a bit of downtime now and then due to personal things going on but I always find my way back to what I truly enjoy doing, and that is building and making things here in-world.

My biggest inspirations were Stone Misery, Immateria and Wretched Dollies/Wretched Hollow.  The designers at these shops, Syrdin Morrisey, Naenia Demina and Star Fairymeadow always had places set up that I really identified with and felt excited about visiting.  I loved the items they carried and their flair for the Gothic style.

I hope that someday I can have a full simulator of my own, that is designed by me and pays homage to the Gothic subculture in a way that is unsurpassed in Second Life.  I know it's a big dream, but it's what I desire.

I was asked to become a blogger for The Eldergoth Macabre and later Horror Haute by AnnabeleLee Dreadlow (one of my favorite people in SL) and I agreed enthusiastically.  I have been interested in the concept of blogging for some time now, but I wasn't really sure how to go about getting started.  Anna is helping me to get my feet wet in the dark waters of online Gothic fashion and culture.  I look forward to 2014 and continuing to splash new darkness upon The Eldergoth Macabre and Horror Haute blog each week!

Thanks Ryuu for being an awesome part of the Horror Haute team!