Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blogger Spotlight: Rudhmellowen Laguna

I first started SL way back in August 2006. Back then things seemed like a completely different world from the SL universe we know today. It's hard to think back to a time when sculpties, let alone mesh, were mere blips on the horizon! I remember well the first time that I bought flexi hair, I thought "Wow it moves! It's Awesome!", little did I realize that flash forward to 7 years later and we'd all be marveling at clothing that moved with the body, not just flapped in the wind!

SL has been good to me... I've made some amazing life long friends and even met my future husband here. I've also picked up a few new skills along the way.
I have been many things whilst wiling away my time in SL too... I was a stripper and a hostess, I was a serial treasure hunter, a store manager, a blog manager and even a SL Motorcycle Club Secretary, but after all that, the thing I am most passionate about is taking photos and blogging.

I never intended to become a blogger, until I stumbled upon a few blogs that seemed fun and definitely reader friendly. It kick started a blogger mojo in me, wanting to create a journal in which I could recount my tales in my own virtual world, and from that moment on there has been no stopping.

I get inspired by so many things in SL... I am forever finding myself feeling like a kid in a candy store drooling at all the pretty things. This creates two very random sides of my blogging style, sometimes I am dark and depraved and other times I am a rainbow princess, but events like Horror Haute have always appealed to my ever present feeling of living-dead girlishness...
I have and always will be a shopping freak, so sales and events have always drawn my attention, and I am a firm believer that anything can be made to fit your personal style, all you have to do is remember that if you love your look then that's all that counts.
SL is like a school of hard knocks at times, with everything being like a massively condensed version of RL, but the main thing to remember - and the one piece of advice I give to anyone who will listen - is that you should live it like you want to...